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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of upholstery work does Stitches do?

Although I have vast experience in all facets of upholstery work, including , modern vehicle interior repair, furniture, tarp making and repair, watercraft seats and covers, custom airplane interiors, heavy equipment seats, covers for equipment of all sizes, etc. , I have chosen to focus my business on the type of upholstery and trim work I am passionate about, which is; Antique cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Custom Cars of all types.

What kind of materials should I use in my interior; leather, vinyl, cloth?

There is nothing like the feel and aroma of real leather, but the cost can be more than what the customer cares to spend. And although many new vehicles have leather seating, remember that these vehicles will have air conditioning, which will help keep you from sticking to the seats on a hot summer day.

Should my interior have a modern style, a custom style, or an original style?

That depends on the overall style and theme of the vehicle. I like to talk with the customer, preferably before the vehicle is painted, to look at the vehicle as a whole and determine what theme the owner is trying to achieve. ( Authentic original, 50’s-60’s Custom, Modern high-tech, etc.)

When can I get my car in to get the work completed?

Smaller projects, like installing reproduction seat covers on a set of seats, installing a headliner, etc. , can usually be worked into my schedule and completed within a week or two. Complete interiors will need to be scheduled.

What should my interior look like? What is popular?

I always tell my customers to go with their gut instincts and have the interior design reflect their own personal style. I don’t think it is a good idea to do what everyone else is doing, just to fit in. Following trends can leave you with an interior that is out of style in just a few years. It’s your vehicle, do it so you will like it. Don’t do it so someone else will like it.

What is this going to cost?

Every project is different, so I like to talk with the customer and get detailed information regarding the desired goal, before giving an estimate, but usually I can give the customer a ” Ballpark” figure.

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